Articles by Nefretery Marin

Mandatory Voting

There is a lot of talk, a lot of complaints about our leadership and how we are governed.  I have tried to study this… phenomena…

Nation Building

We have been hearing the promise of Nation Building since colonial days. It’s high time we understand what we bought into and how we can buy out… Before we talk about Nation building lets define the difference between a Nation and a state, as it is written in the books. A state is a sovereign political unit which has tangible boundaries, abides by International Law and is recognized as a “state” by the international community.

Leadership vs Followership

In all This talk about Political Leadership… the question must be asked. What is leadership? Does Belize have leaders? The Biggest confusion in the conversation of leadership is the bifurcation of the profession into social agents of change and self-serving political Bigots.

Belize is in Need of an Economic Sexual Revolution

The under representation of women in key decision-making positions in Government means that everything from the price of goods to social security, healthcare, the cost and quality of education, human services… in short, the economic future of our Nation is seen only through the eyes of men. This MUST BE CHANGED…

When Women are not Involved

To become successful in Politics; we must understand what politics is, we must understand how it affects our daily lives and be able to educate our voters on these issues. Politics is not magic, it’s a science of service.  Politics is about reading the emotional and physical needs of the majority of voters in your constituency and giving them satisfying solutions to those needs.

Why Women?

In my journey of Sociopolitical Activism I have learned many lessons.  Above all I have witnessed the talent, commitment and resilience of Our People. We have experience at all Levels of Management, in all Industries… allowing us the capacity to govern and Govern Well! I found one important missing Piece to the political puzzle of Belize; and that is the political will to encourage and empower our Women to take an active Role in Political Life, and through that work, improve the quality of life for all Belizeans.