Belize’s Populist Approach

Redirecting the future of Belize’s politics is not going to be easy; the fact is however, many that would have said it’s impossible two years ago…are now saying it can certainly be done.
Simón Bolívar, said it best when he said, “it is akin to ploughing the sea.”
In 2019, it is difficult to do any kind of political forecasting into Belize’s 2020 General elections. Even a quick survey or questioner would send shock waves through our nation elite circles. The red flags are all out. There is a real danger for the two political mafias of Belize and political investors and donors don’t know what to do. All political stakeholders are nervous entering the political season of 2019/ 2020.
But this phenomena is not unique to Belize. It is spreading all over Latin America. The America quarterly wrote this about Latin American electoral season:
“Next year could herald the most consequential regional political realignment in a generation.”
The Populist movement is sweeping across Latin America in an attempt to rescue it’s people from corruption and injustices. There are another eight Latin American elections scheduled in 2019. Belize’s General elections is believed to be in late 2019 or early 2020; with the introduction of a new populist party , called the Belize People’s Front holding on to a people’s first agenda, the waters will become turbulent and the elections results , very unpredictable .
It is therefore, very important to keep a close eye on this new party and listen closely to what they propose. The language is of radically changes in policies toward security, trade, the economy, and Belize’s relationship with Latin America and the world.
According to the recent polls done on social Media the faith and Infatuation Belize has had with the red and the Blue are at a historic low. The Injustices suffered by the grassroots people, the lack of jobs and stagnant wages , topped with mass crime and bold political corruption ; in the face of an entitled elite has just become too much for the masses to bare.
The people are clamoring for justice and the BPF is promising that justice, along with an unprecedented, and overdue, corruption probe that will help the country get its political house in order.
The cards are stacking up in favor of the BPF, This is largely due to public disgust with far-reaching government corruption scandals and kickback schemes on every single government contract, concessions and public projects all over the country.
When Belizeans can hardly pay inflated utility bills and school bills but watch on social Media as the elites prance around the Globe with VIP status while our economy is in shambles, our youth jobless, crime rate sky rocketing , corruption scandals stack up our children killed in cold blood, disappear without a trace…and the elites are untouchables.
This is not the Country we want to live in, and not the country our children deserve to inherited.
Most Belizeans are itching for a Total Shake-up of traditional politics and are suspicious of anything that comes with a red or blue label. Belize’s political ground is porous and fertile for a populist platform to be embedded .

Belize has very good potential , we are strategically located for trade & commerce not just in Latin America and the Caribbean but also to the united states and the world.
Our Language and Natural resources are key for investors.
Investors are watching us in hope that we can carve the corruption out and start expanding on Industrial production incentives and rebuild our investors’ confidence. With the BPF’s business-friendly reforms and improved investment and national spending policies; We would still have hope if our pragmatic approach to governance can appeal to our voters.

The big question for Belize is whether voters also take this more constructive approach to policy making and governance , and embrace the populist and nationalist pride that is being offered by BPF Leaders all across Belize.
After all the suffering and outcry of our people it is hard for me to see us returning to elections that deliver the PUDP gangs into governance yet again. I don’t think it will happen. We do not want the toxic mix of inequality, weak security responses, crime and corruption with an unresponsive elitist government.
Many do not know what to expect in the next elections and the populist movement is fairly new to the Country, with the BPF’s newly established partnerships and relationships with their Latin America counterparts, we are certainly looking at a National populist movement that will have a much longer life expectancy with well-funded programs, than many assume.

Some of the radical populist changes proposed by the BPF are:
• Implement an immediate pay cut for elected area representatives
• Return Permanent Secretary to head of departments (removal of political appointees)
• BPF candidates will sign a legally binding document that will enable legal proceedings’ if found
in improprieties or questionable acts
• Enact a land policy to ensure the sustainability and availability of arable lands for Belizeans •
Enable Belizeans in the diaspora to be able to vote and run for office
• Ensure that we have an elected Senate, including the 13th Senator
• Enforce the constitutional laws to incarcerate any public official who imbibe in corrupt acts
and breaks the trust of the people (we will not condone any acts of illegality)
• Provide true free education to primary level with a subsidized secondary education
• Streamline government spending and assure value for money in all public expenditures
• Improve the justice system to fast track trials, and provide an enabling environment for
justice to prevail for all as equal citizens
• Revise and make proportionate representation a reality
• Promote assertive diplomacy regarding our territorial integrity

Are this too radical for the Belizean voter or is it maybe just what we need? Only time can