A New Era in Belize Politics

Politicians in Belize are focus on winning elections at all cost; they attempt to increase voter turnout by fast tracking citizenship for central American Immigrants and by paying citizens both to register and to vote. But in doing so, they’re missing something important: the broken two-party system; and the pyramid economy that they have built with a weak foundation, which is crumbling before our eyes. How, then, when it comes to general elections, can they expect the young Belizean voter to be enthusiastic with PUDP choices they are being served — The young Belizean voter knows that we have no meaningful choice at all.

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A Declaration of BPF Principles

There is nothing nobler working honestly for our People, as servant leaders. Happiness can also be found in service.
When acting for the benefit of others: neighbors, youths, farmers, business people, our women and children.
When something is done for the villages and towns, for our people and country.

Belizeans Deserve Access to Mental Health Support

No matter what your pay scale, Belizeans deserve access to mental health support.
In Belize half of us will experience a mental illness or mental strain at some stage of our lives.
Your social status should not determine whether or not you can access mental healthcare.
But for Belizeans, it’s is impossible get the support they need.

The Day After Referendum

Yesterday was a very Historic day in the political life of our Nation.
Regardless of what the PUDP machinery used to get our people to vote yes;
it was at the end of the day the choice of our people and  it must be respected.
I made no secret of my preference for a No vote; because no matter what anyone says,
we all have a right to think for ourselves and make a choice. I voted No in the interest of our safety and our combined future.

An Age-Old Claim

As Belizeans prepare to walk into an illegal and constitutionally forced Referendum, I cannot help but to worry.
I worry because many of our people are blinded by political parties and affiliations; I worry because while may blindly believe in the very people that have them struggling and unable to attain a better quality of life… The rest of us are also at high risk.
What is happening to Belize is not new under the sun. The claim, the corruption, the crime, the stagnant economy… It has all happened around the world and it continues to happen.

The Dangerous Politicization of the Military

By asking active-duty personnel ( no less than all our heads of Belize’s security forces ) to join in the Yes to the ICJ propaganda… In their own selfish, political interest, The Government of Belize, crossed an important and Dangerous line.
Admiral John Borland, Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams and Brigadier General Steven Ortega, oath to have had more integrity and military honour.
They were however no doubt protecting / securing their positions and their jobs.

No Excuses – Military Strategy to Fully Include Women

I have written and spoken a lot on the participation of women in key decision-making processes for our Country. One of those key elements that I have not really touched on before, is that of peace keeping, military preparedness and security … this is a goal in itself. Their contributions to preventing, managing and resolving conflict; is not just important, it is urgent, and it is essential to a developing nation. A military strategic plan on women, is one of my political priorities. This will put us in a better position to enhance women’s influence and participation and strengthen the image of our Belizean Women, aswell as our Military . It provides a platform to ensure that the contributions of our Women be taken into serious consideration as it relates to our security forces and safety of our Nation.