A Declaration of BPF Principles

There is nothing nobler working honestly for our People, as servant leaders. Happiness can also be found in service.

When acting for the benefit of others: neighbors, youths, farmers, business people, our women and children.

When something is done for the villages and towns, for our people and country.

In Belize Today Country and its people is marked internationally by corruption, crime, authoritarianism and Nepotism. Many Belizeans work honestly and diligently in solidarity with the BPF, the Front was founded in 2013 and today has evolved into a political party striving for transformation and to restore true democracy in our Country We seek a sincere change in the political, economic, social and Cultural life of our people. This will be achieved through abiding by the ethical principles of our party and defending human rights, freedom, justice and the dignity of all our citizens.

The Norco socialist regime imposed on us in the last 20 years has only benefited a minority at the expense and detriment of the poor and working class.  The Economy is in the hands of monopolies; and productive / entrepreneurship is destroyed; there are thousands of young people without opportunities for education or work.

This regime of oppression, corruption and privileges is a true Network of corruption that is on the very protected top of our economic pyramid. This network comprises of about 40 families, and they control all our industries, all contracts and concessions, they are appointed to all the positions of wealth and control. They own most of our television and the media houses, used to control and manipulate our citizens.

The BPF was founded with the sole purpose of ending this system of oppression and corruption with the conviction that only the people can save the people and that only the organized people can save the nation. This will only be possible with the decisive political participation of citizens, endowing it with an ethical, democratic and service leadership platform.

The members of BPF are honest self-disciplined brothers and sisters who will govern our personal conduct under the following ethical principles and values:

  1. The real change of the country begins by changing the traditional way to intervene in public affairs. Politics is not only a matter for the politicians. The Party sees politics as a vocation of service leadership
  2. The change proposed by BPF is peaceful and democratic. A transformation through the electoral and social channels, which means respecting freedom of choice, of expression, association and manifestation of the party’s Constitution, the laws and the institutions that we are governed under.


We are not moved by hate, but by love for our People and country. The changes that we propose will not be easy, it will not be achieved over night; yet it is the only way, the safest way to guarantee Justice and prosperity to All Belizeans.

  1. In the BPF there is no individual privileges, we maintain democratic principles around a common goal. We aspire and we work so that Belize can one day be consolidated as a diverse and multicultural nation, founded on the freedom of political participation, Justice, and in equity of opportunities for all Belizeans. Reducing inequalities among those who have been deprived and those who least possess; and to end all forms of exploitation and oppression. We will promote an authentic participatory democracy where the participation of citizens can truly build a democratic society, and do away with political discretion and the abuses of power.
  2. BPF members are inspired by the history of struggle of

Our neighbors. There are three main transformations that has taken place in our country:

  • Independence
  • The peaceful constructive Revolution of Mr. Price,
  • The corrupt political borrowing and squandering …development influence both by Mr. Musa and Mr Barrow.

The BPF proposes to promote the fourth and only social transformation of Justice and prosperity in the history of Belize