God Calls Believers to Politics

As I make my way to visit citizens in all corners of Belize…

I find Christians and Believers to be he most in denial and that is UNACCEPTABLE.  

This week we celebrate the Passover and so it is the opportune time for me to speak to God’s church.

The Great Christian objection against involvement with politics is that Politics is dirty and corrupt, and God’s people must be “set apart” I find this a poor excuse; it demonstrates a very limited understanding of the kingdom of God and of Scripture.

In reality the Bible speaks directly to political involvement of God’s faithful. In fact, the Bible speaks about civil government and provides examples of God’s most Faithful being involved directly.

In the Old Testament, Joseph and Daniel served in civil government, exerting influence to further the prosperity of their nations. God blessed them and guided then in the affairs of state through his prophets.

In the Old testament God Called his prophet Saul to anoint King David as the Political ruler and king of Israel and he called David, “a man after God’s own heart”

In the New Testament, Yahshuah cared for the spiritual and physical needs of people. Feeding the hungry and healing diseases; yet he said

“Render Unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s “here he was speaking of paying tax to Government.

Paul told us in (Galatians 6:10) Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.”

I believe what Paul said, had to have included participating in the political process because of the legitimate and legal role of government. The decisions made by government have a heavy impact on the life of all God’s People. When else could you do good to “all people” How can you reach all people as an individual? It can only be through your vote; making sure that the person you vote for stands on biblical principles.

The real-life impacts of Politics are unavoidable.

Some Christians pretend that politics is inconsequential in their personal lives and that of the Church. The very religious liberty they are enjoying in this Country depends on political will, Church license,  passports , Jobs, health care, the courts, everything that is necessary for human beings ( including Christians )  to survive in this modern world  is granted via political will and governance.

Believers are citizens of Heaven, yes… but only after they pass the tests and struggles of this world.  While we are on Earth (and we chose to be here) we also belong to the Nation state where we live and therefore must be good Dual citizens.

Because politics have real-life implications for Human kind; Christians have a responsibility to engage the political process by practicing their rightful authority, choosing Godly, righteous and honest Leaders, advocating for laws and policies that contribute to human peace and prosperity. If you know God’s command yet you vote for the corrupt in exchange of money or favors…you are in effect turning you back from God and are a hypocrite to your faith; for you are betraying all of God’s teachings.

How can Christianity stoop so low that even after the very crucifixion of our messiah, ( which we remember and celebrate each year )  you continue to be blinded and do not recognize the prophets? You do not recognize God’s anointed?

How can Christianity in 2019 continue to forsake the prophets and honor the thieves?

God has commanded us to Love our Neighbors as our selves… But is it Love to take money or favors from  dirty, unscrupulous politicians for your benefit,  knowing that the entire Nation will suffer for your greed?

Obedience to the golden rule includes seeking laws that protect born and the unborn children, strengthen marriages and families, advocate for the vulnerable, and provide opportunity for prosperity. Politics is a means of effecting great change and must become important again to Christians and Believers who should love their neighbor.

Political Leaders must receive their authority from God, through his prophets. Christians must not just seek out God’s chosen leaders, but they must pray for them.  They must speak out to others so that the chosen leaders maybe recognized. When you know something is of God…You must not be quieted…He said that if his disciples be quieted, even the stones will cry out. We must not let the stones cry out in Belize. God’s people must cry out for this is the time and you have been placed here for such a time as this. In fact, in Romans 13:1-7. , Paul urges that prayers be made “for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life” (1 Timothy 2:1-2). Paul understood the need for Christian participation in government.

Government plays a role in the work of God’s kingdom on earth. Good government encourages an environment conducive for people living peacefully, whereas bad government fosters unrest and instability. Because of sin, the legitimate institution of government has, at times, been used illegitimately throughout history. However, in the times of old when Political leaders stray, it was the Job of the prophet to bring them back in line and remind them that they answer to an all-powerful God. Today, our prophets have fallen asleep at the wheel…and Governments answer to no one, much less to the God they have etched out of Government.

I understand fully those believers that want to have a separation of Church and state. But separation of church and state does not mean separation of state and God. Corrupt Governments have tried to etch God Out; as if the government didn’t have to respond to God. But God monitors governments; God raises them up and brings them down. Every human government is accountable to God and is accountable to maintain its affairs with justice and with righteousness. When the government is no longer acting justly and no longer protecting life; —then it is the task of the church to be the prophetic voice, to call the state to task and tell the state to repent and do what God commands it to do.

Prophets wake up, Church wake up… God seeks your hand in establishing his new government. Prophets prepare to consecrate the National assemble of Belize Your God has commanded that it be done .