No Excuses – Emotional Intelligence

There are many of my school mates and teachers who would say that I have been an activist since preschool…
Maybe I had that passion, maybe the seed of revolution was planted in my heart from listening to people like Joseph Andrews, Teodoso Ochoa, Rt. Hon. George Price as I was growing up.
I lived on Burns Avenue in those days and public meetings were Held next to Tia Sarah’s house and I learned to love Belize and to fight for our territory and for justice for our people.

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An Attack on Families

Belizeans are a very warm and resilient People. We work very hard to support our families under difficult circumstances. It is unfair to see families broken up and separated because of inefficiencies in the Ministry of human development. I understand the lack of resource due to the economic and political climate together with cultural norms and practices within our society. I have spent years working with in the social service and police systems, trying my best to bridge the gap. With over 16 years of observation of systems within San Ignacio; I have gained an insight in relation to the way in which services operate within Belize. An Insight that has opened many windows to peek into what is wrong, but mostly how it can be corrected.