The First Female Prime Minister of Belize…

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For a new political party to gain the support of the nation, Belizeans must feel that the Leader of the Party speaks for them, is their representative and has a new set of ideas and proposed policy, that can offer them a better way of life, a more dignified standard of living for their families. Belizean women have been demanding that their voices be heard and their participation in politics be accepted. The women’s movement along with all the women in politics trainings brought about an increased understanding of gender equality and advances in legal rights for women. Still Women’s leadership within the political parties have been ambushed and boycott the very leaders that have promised us the 30% for Women.

There is no doubt that attitudes toward women leaders is changing in the world of Politics and a few Countries have elected women as their head of state. Belizean women have been purposely and actively kept out of Elected office by the Leaders, by the movers and shakers within the brotherhood of the PUDP.

I want to prove that we have what it takes to be leaders, it cannot be the prerogative of men anymore. I will prove that women are not inferior to men! That we are not afraid and that we do not need the permission or the approval of the PUDP to run for the highest offices of our Nation and win.

I want to lead women out of the kitchen and into Parliament and I want to start Now.

I want to be Prime Minister of Belize. I’m not asking for your support because I am a woman. I want your support because women deserve representation. I have Form a new Political Party called the Belize People’s Front. The Front is committed to develop a movement of independent leaders for progressive post-partisan reform that will hold true to maintaining relationships as an important part of our convictions, one that will respect and overriding commitment to dialog deliberation, diversity of opinions and perspectives. One that will demonstrate a bias for action in being simultaneously innovative and practical, with a long-term vision whilst adhering to Biblical values and principles. We do not aspire to be another special interest group, but instead seek to diminish the negative influence of partisanship. With the abovementioned commitment to serve the people of Belize, the Belize People’s Front will present candidates in the next general elections as the option to return the mandate of governance to the rightful owners, the people. 

The Belize People’s Front presents you some of our immediate goals to rescue our country and people.

 Implement an immediate pay cut for elected area representatives

 Return Permanent Secretary to head of departments (removal of political appointees)

 BPF candidates will sign a legally binding document that will enable legal proceedings’ if found in improprieties or questionable acts 

 Enact a land policy to ensure the sustainability and availability of arable lands for Belizeans

 Enable Belizeans in the diaspora to be able to vote and run for office

 Ensure that we have an elected Senate, including the 13th Senator

 Enforce the constitutional laws to incarcerate any public official who imbibe in corrupt acts and breaks the trust of the people (we will not condone any acts of illegality)

 Provide true free education to primary level with a subsidized secondary education

 Streamline government spending and assure value for money in all public expenditures

 Improve the justice system to fast track trials, and provide an enabling environment for justice to prevail for all as equal citizens

 Revise and make proportionate representation a reality

 Promote assertive diplomacy regarding our territorial integrity

These are some of our immediate goals that will promote a more efficient public service, with a lead by example mind set. We appeal to like-minded individuals who believe that they can contribute to be a part of this change, to get in touch with us and serve your community to be a part of the positive change you wish for our country.

 We must do this because our people deserve to feel safe in their homes again, criminals must be punished, our health care needs to be improved with an ambulance service that must be free.

Our people have suffered with High cost of living and stagnant wages, very few can afford the cost of higher education, we need tuition free collages to secure the economic prosperity of the next generation.

Many of our senior citizens do not have families that can care for them. Our elderly citizens need us to provide a state subsidized facility so they may live a dignified live after the years of service to our Nation.  I will run for office because we need to attract the right type of foreign investment, with policies to benefit our people and not create unfair competition to local enterprise; Our people deserve equal economic opportunity.

 Our People must turn away from politics as usual and join us in charting a new and improved path with social consciousness and a people friendly approach to governance. We must stand firm on a platform of assertive diplomacy and fight for our territorial integrity. I want to be Prime Minister of Belize, because I KNOW I can make the tough call that MUST be made to rescue Belize.

I will bring governance closer to the people and treat everyone as equals – women, men and children. I am a good spokesperson for our nation in Belize and abroad because I have lived the people’s struggles and I carry their cries in my heart.

I will live up to the expectations of those who support me and will win over those who are now doubting me.

I know that many will be surprised that a woman would have the audacity to say to the Nation “I want to be your Prime Minister” and some may even be offended that I dare challenge the status quo and believe that this new party can win the majority seats; but I do. I believe that our people have suffered enough, and the Belize has taken too many international black eyes due to crime, political corruption and neglect of our working class. I believe that Investors would rather see a new people in government to provide new and vibrant investment opportunities for them instead of continuing to invest in a sinking ship.

 I know that if people are willing, an enormous amount can be done in a short period of time. I want the Belize People’s Front to become the new Government of Belize, I want to be the first Female Prime Minister Of our Country and leave a legacy of prosperity for all our people