Stop Electing Politicians and Elect Leaders

Growing up on a farm I understand the Agriculture industry very well. As a child, my grandfather was one of the larger land owners and cattle rancher in the area. He had friendships and business with the likes of Mr Bedran, Mr. John Carr, Mr Bowen and several Mennonite Farmers as well as small local Farmers. I was a curious child and ask a lot of questions on our rides home or our rides around More force estate. At an Early age I understood the importance of government subsidies for our agriculture industry, and how uneven the playing field seemed for local small farmers. Therefore, as Leaders we must look for ways to create profitable crops/livestock and markets for Belize’s hardworking farmers so that they can thrive in this important industry.

Food is what sustains the world; apart from clean healthy water sources, adequate food is of the most importance to all human beings.  This makes agriculture one of the largest and most important industries in all countries of the world; agricultural produce is important for the health and security of  Belize’s population as well as for our economic growth and sustainability.

Our Agricultural sector plays a strategic role in the process of economic development of our country.

In History, Agriculture has made significant contribution to the economic prosperity of advanced countries, like China, Germany, the Netherlands, The USA…. its role in the economic development of developing countries is of vital importance.

increased agricultural produce, contributes substantially to an overall economic development, It is Urgent for Belize to allocate a larger portion of the National Budget, for incentives and subsidies to new young farmers, so they may further develop our agricultural sector.

Agriculture must once more become the backbone of Belize’s economy and let Tourism grow as it’s close second.

The warm and humid climates of Belize provide us with long growing season for agricultural staple crops.  When Countries struggle economically because of foreign influences that may affect the travel industry, Agriculture strives… It does not matter what the disaster is, People must eat, so farmers must produce. If Belize can feed its people…we will be two steps ahead. Our long growing season and high rainfall that reduces the high infrastructural cost of irrigation. Our climate is perfect for Citrus, Mangoes, Avocados, berries, and of course staple crops like Rice, beans and corn.

These are all good products, both for local consumption and for export; but they are not enough to rescue our economy. 

We must start looking towards some industrial products and by-product of these. We once had a good start with the Tobacco industry, I’m not certain what happened to it, but Independence cigarettes seem to have vanished.

cotton is also growing well in our climate, it’s a good export product and cotton seed oils are a very hot and expensive commodity. Pine tree products like pitch, tar, turpentine and cleaning agents are excellent by-products that we could be investing in.  Sugar cane does not need to be our only source for sugar. We could be producing beet sugar and / or coconut sugar.

Waste is unacceptable

When it comes to food waste in our economic climate It is highly unacceptable! When you visit the Market in San Ignacio and around the country…over ripped fruits and vegetables are being dumped; when we could be canning them at very low rates instead.

The problem is that we elect politicians and not leaders. We have placed greedy, corrupt, unprepared men as our policy makers and while they can not lead our industries, they have fallen inlove with making money for themselves . So they have placed more focus on importation rather than exportation because it’s a faster turn over…instant gratification .

We have infect put the importers in control of our government , our policy making and our industries . They do not care to recognize their error in destroying the foundations of our country, they can not see that they have contributed to the increase of poverty while pretending to our people and the world that they are fighting poverty.

With all the cheap importation of packaged foods and the disgusting neglect of our farmers; Both the PUP and UDP governments have made more families fall under the poverty line and have contributed to the increase of diabetes , kidney disease and cancer in Belize They are literally killing our people and have made this generation slaves to Tourism which is not just a seesaw industry , but both governments who can not seem to see further than their noses, have insisted to market our country to a little over 2% of the world’s population and have limit our people’s potential by not reaching out to world powers like Asia , the middle east and Russia .

Aside from purposely crippling our economy for their own greed, these men have sowed seeds of division and Hate and by so doing have forced our communities to reap the benefits of violence, crime, blood shed , unemployment and political brainwash!

The only way to mend such broken system is to get rid of both parties! We must look at new Leaders who are willing to make the tough calls , Leaders who have struggled with our people and who can not soon forget where they came from. Changing Red for Blue will not fix anything Belize… It will merely give then what is left of the wealth of our broken Nation and usher in total economic depression on the People of Belize.