No Excuses – Independent Voters Will be Our Political Game-Changer

When asked what political party one belongs to, a few years ago most people said PUP or UDP; some even said “Blue till a dead” or “red till a dead”.
Today, however, a growing group of voters (both young and old) are now answering that question with the response, “none of the above.” Or “I don’t believe in Party Politics”.
Belize’s independent voters are a group of mostly young voters from diverse backgrounds, who do not want to affiliate with any of the two major political parties.

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No Excuses – Emotional Intelligence

There are many of my school mates and teachers who would say that I have been an activist since preschool…
Maybe I had that passion, maybe the seed of revolution was planted in my heart from listening to people like Joseph Andrews, Teodoso Ochoa, Rt. Hon. George Price as I was growing up.
I lived on Burns Avenue in those days and public meetings were Held next to Tia Sarah’s house and I learned to love Belize and to fight for our territory and for justice for our people.

Why we Must Stand for Country

Many Activist and inspirational speakers and Politicians talk to us about “People power”; they use various slogans and graphics to identify with such … but what does that really mean?
In the last Election we saw on political paraphernalia that said “Power to the People”. When one thinks of Power to the People, one thinks of applying muscle to purpose and not taking advantage of our people’s power to elect and unfortunately empower an elite few of the party to rule over our land and people.  

Youth Issues Must be a Political Priority

On Monday Feb 18 the president of the History Club at University of Belize, Ms Aleesi Chun and her friends Sydellie Leslie, Jeremiah Chioc and Abbie Godoy organized a peace march with the help of their student government.
The students were protesting violence in our Country. This was prompted after they lost 2 of their friends to gun violence within days of each other.
After the protest I stayed back a short while to get to know these dynamic youths of Belize. I must thank them as well as congratulate them.

When NO Is Greater Than YES

Protecting is at this moment more important than serving.
Avoiding the wrong thing is almost better than doing the right thing.
We Protect our country in our decisions of how we conduct ourselves as citizens. 
We protect our country when we vote to not expose it to unwanted risks or policy.
We protect our country when we vote against a government that has become corrupt.
Protecting our young country that is trying to build a nation of the people is at the heart of our concern.

Farmers Will Save Belize

Being raise on a producing cattle ranch and farm I learned to work hard and efficiently before and after school to accomplish all that needed to be done to keep the family business running smoothly through both prosperous and hard times. I developed a strong respect for land and natural resources, accompanied by a deep understanding of business and trade; which has carried me throughout my personal and career endeavours.

I believe our people deserve better than politicians who make promises they can’t keep, who don’t understand what it’s like to raise a family with two ( or sometime just one)  working parents, who tell us that they are looking out for us but are only looking out for themselves, and who are ignoring how hard farmers and entrepreneurs  must work to survive in this economy.

Creating an Environment for Investor Confidence

Foreign investment is a vital source of external capital for our Country; especially in these times of economic struggles and insecurities.
Like I have said before — Belize has very good potential. We are strategically located for trade & commerce not just in Latin America and the Caribbean but also to the united states and the world.
Our Language and Natural resources are extremely attractive for investors. Investors are watching us in hope that we can carve the corruption out and start expanding on Industrial production incentives and rebuild our investors’ confidence.

Belize’s Populist Approach

Redirecting the future of Belize’s politics is not going to be easy; the fact is however, many that would have said it’s impossible two years ago…are now saying it can certainly be done.
Simón Bolívar, said it best when he said, “it is akin to ploughing the sea.”

Belize Needs You

In Belize today, the role of youth is of Urgent importance.
Older generations of our communities comprise of members of the discredited, divided and totally corrupt regimes that has governed us since self-governance.
We have been governed by the corrupt PUP and UDP for so long that our idealistic young people Have become indifferent or cynical in their reaction and tolerance to politics.
Corrupt leaders have never tried to educate our youth in politics and governance; our constitution is still not thoughts in schools.

The Right to Revolt

Over the Holidays, I had some time for reflection and soul searching. I pondered on the word Revolution because this word keeps coming up on Social Media.
Belizeans everywhere are calling for a true Belizean Revolution. A Revolution for justice and economic opportunity for all Belizeans.
Now, I truly believe in a revolution for change; God know we need it. I believe that we have the right to revolt when faced with an arrogant, corrupt, tyrant Government and my quick search shows us that many world leaders and political philosophers believe the same.