When NO Is Greater Than YES

Blog | When No Is Greater Than Yes

Avoiding the wrong thing is almost better than doing the right thing, protecting is  at this moment  more important than serving.

We protect our country when we vote against a government that has become corrupt in their nature of service to the people.

We protect our country when we vote to not expose it to unwanted risks or policy.

We Protect our country in our decisions of how we conduct ourselves as citizens.

Protecting our young country that is trying to build a nation of the people is at the heart of our concern.

Does the Guatemalan claim concern us? Yes it does, but first thing is first.

First thing is to clean our land from corrupt despotism we have created and not subjugate ourselves to another.

Is the Guatemalan population bothered or concerned if we go or don’t go to the ICJ, their polls are mixed.

Why? Because in Guatemala also other things come first.

So who is so hell bent,  who is pushing so hard, spending so much that in effect  is trying to ambush democracy to get us to the ICJ? It is the stuff of Intrigue! How can we help Guatemala? They want something we cannot give them.  God bless Guatemala but their claim does not come from their people, nor is it to benefit their people. This claim is forged by foreign interest , foreign both to Belize and Guatemala alike.

And Assad Shoman, God bless his soul, he is so sure and also so correct in everything he says but yet so wrong in everything he doesn’t say and pretends not to know.  It is not what they say, It is what they don’t tell us.  Have you ever noticed the 1859 treaty has become the anthem of the Yes campaign, and how much is not said of the 2008 special agreement and latter agreements and accords (treaties) that  opens up a myriad or arguments that the high priests of the ICJ will consider. Mr. Shoman  says defiantly, take all or nothing! To whom is he saying this? Can we give the high Priests of the ICJ an Ultimatum of what we will accept and not accept? What we want is not the ICJ’s concern. What we want is our concern and we should keep it that way. Unanimous support for Belize’s sovereignty has change. There are new qualifiers put on us now and going to the ICJ is one of them and from there? Only God knows.

The Guatemalan foreign minister, Carlos Raul Morales, after a long stint in Belize, maybe knew what he was talking about when he called the Belizean people cynical but I think we have a better idea of what he wanted to say i.e. that we like to sleep with our own eyes. Going to the ICJ is handing over our sight and our control of scope to learned lawyers to fight a cause we don’t really need to be dragged into.  When you are in trouble with the Law, and you are found lacking you will pay and the lawyers still collect their due.  Any change in status to Belize in any form would be a great tragedy to the likes of Palestine and for the PUP to decide at this late stage to take a NO position and not match with similar vigor in opposing the UDP’s yes campaign is inexcusable, hypocritical and just sad.  Still, we did not expect better from John Briceno’s reluctance to lead.

There is an ancient legend of the Polynesian people that tells that Bora Bora was the most beautiful and bountiful yet smallest of all the Islands. All the other Islands could not conquer it, but because they were all steep in customs and taboo all the tribes were required to participate in sacrificial convocations to their gods. So the high priest of the other islands called convocations and strategically and swiftly dismembered its strongest defenders leaving the King of Bora Bora no option but to abandon his Island.

The modern world is steep in Law (customs) and general rule (taboo) and when we place Belize in front of such a supreme convocation as is the ICJ we are saying we do not live by the certainty that God has given this land to the people of Belize. This Uncertainty will not be forgiven by the ICJ, the foreign interests, our people but especially this kind of uncertainty will not be forgiven by God!

Belize must be protected and must be cleaned of crime and corruption; we must do so with no uncertainty, and we must do so Urgently!  Belize is for Belizeans and it is up to us to protect and clean before we can all move forward to a better Belize. It is through unity that we will be strong.