Righting the Wrongs

Belize is not the only country with an organized crime problem.  
But it is the only Home we have and we should be highly concerned about the safety of our people and the future of our children.  
Celebrity lifestyles, living on the edge with drugs and travel and name brand clothing that we copied from American Pop culture makes this rich lifestyle very attractive to a few.

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An Attack on Families

Belizeans are a very warm and resilient People. We work very hard to support our families under difficult circumstances. It is unfair to see families broken up and separated because of inefficiencies in the Ministry of human development. I understand the lack of resource due to the economic and political climate together with cultural norms and practices within our society. I have spent years working with in the social service and police systems, trying my best to bridge the gap. With over 16 years of observation of systems within San Ignacio; I have gained an insight in relation to the way in which services operate within Belize. An Insight that has opened many windows to peek into what is wrong, but mostly how it can be corrected.

Executions Save Lives!

Our once peaceful, paradise has now become the Country with the world’s highest murder rate per capita.  The types of gruesome, cold murders and the…

Recovering Our Stolen Assets

Many hard-working Belizeans feel left behind by the enrichment of the minority and the stagnation of their economic burdens, created by lack of opportunities and political corruption.  These Belizeans are choosing to join a new political force.
These political front, this People’s movement, is fast gaining traction, and the reasons for their popularity is based on the proven inability or unwillingness from past political parties and governments to address their problems.
Our people have witnessed injustices, inequality of economic opportunities.

When Women Run for Political Office

Women should be just as likely as men to be elected. They are underrepresented because  they don’t run in the first place.

We have women in government that were not elected; they were not appointed (like we are expected to believe) These women were summoned ! They were Summoned by their party , not the Country.

They are fulfilling their party’s agenda; and when they fail to do so… they are dismissed. No questions asked!