Why we Must Stand for Country

Many Activist and inspirational speakers and Politicians talk to us about “People power”; they use various slogans and graphics to identify with such … but what does that really mean?    In the last Election we saw on political paraphernalia that said “Power to the People” When one thinks of Power to the People, one thinks of applying muscle to purpose and not taking advantage of our people’s power to elect and unfortunately empower an elite few of the party to rule over our land and people.  There is nothing we can do after electing a party and this happens.  I have seen it happen.  In my young adulthood, I placed my hopes in the strength of Leadership of the PUP in the 1990’s, that this country will be elevated into a modern prosperous nation for all, in the midst of neck breaking globalization. Globalization came to Belize, all right, in the form of massive loans unlike any we have ever  seen ; loans that were banked and never seen or enjoyed by our people or Country,  and that money , coupled with power and an unsuspecting Belizean society, corrupted the PUP absolutely . It is that unsuspecting Belizean” innocence” that they want to capitalize on again. Do Belizeans really operate at one level and make History “blow over like a little breeze” as coined by Said Musa? I beg to differ.

Yet I stood with this hope for the PUP’s façade Charm to show the “Love for the People” and stayed in to try and be a part of the change I felt could bring all this about.  But politics is hypocritical, raw, crude, guttrenching, cynical, and yet necessary.  My exit from the PUP was less than glamorous, with a host of mistakes made with the PUP, but God knows I tried.  Politically matured, and with strength and passion still alive for Belize, I ventured into the political no-man’s land.  My calling was in activism, social work, charity, political activism, a patriot for the love of country and people. I believed Belize was still not fulfilling its full potential and Guatemala was aggravating areas that were dear to me.  Serving with Friends for Conservation and Development and APAMO in protecting the environmental treasures that border Guatemala, it was a call to Duty to stand up against the injustices of Guatemala against Belize.  I believed we should act from a position of strength always.  Then Danny was shot dead at his post at Caracol. Now all my fears were coming through, Guatemala knows our weaknesses. The months that followed I led the activist groups to Insist on Government to take that stance of strength, that I had been advocating for. The PUP wasted no time and subtly got ready to take up a new banner against the Government.  It was then discovered that Guatemalans were contracted by the US to build the forward operating base. We all pointed fingers at the Government only to find out that  the culprits of this irresponsible contract was actually the  same PUP, charading as whistle blowers.

Then the Sarstoon Island came into question as a matter of sovereignty and called into question by Guatemala.  In matters of Diplomacy and justice I place my passion. I could not stand-by and let Belize be taken advantage of.  Splinter groups arose all over the country and I took up leadership of the Territorial Volunteers in the western District. We tried to unite especially as it related to the Sarstoon island, but we were easy prey to Political motives and were misled by political operatives that used the problem in the Sarstoon for political ends.  The fledgling movement gained momentum on the heels of true Belizean Patriots risking life and standing their ground.  I am sorry to say that these true Patriots In the spirit of unity, allowed political operatives to participate and gain the spot light their hunger for political mileage craved … The rest is History for we know what new alliances developed out of that Leadership.

A new revelation in this 3rd stage of my activism and social work can be assessed in light of Belize’s political climate and social reality.   I Tried to honestly evaluate the way The UDP government has performed diplomatically and may the love of country and people that I claim dare above my life, be my judge.  Irrespective of my belief of how horribly the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sedi  Elrington handled each successive crisis, I cannot but admit that the team work and leadership ability of the Prime Minister with Elrington to hold the ground Politically, was the only point of strength the UDP has seen since for year. While the Country was flabbergasted with ever word uttered by Sedi over the Belize and Guatemala controversy during this period was admirable handled by the Prime Minister showing commitment and faith in his Minister.  Looking at the political strategies used and spearheaded by Prime Minister Dean Borrow, made many Belizeans believe his government is fully matured to handle Guatemala’s   claim and God willing even the resolution of the dispute. with Belize taking its rightful position of dignity as a sovereign country.

Sadly, as Many Belizeans started to wake up and realized that Belize has been led into deep waters with no floating devices, and not compass…. It is almost too late.

We are faced with the reality a corrupt, arrogant Government in whom with put our trust in for 3 consecutive terms and with basically No opposition because of a weak and hypocritical leader interested in power and self-enrichment; whose best Plan for our country is converting us into a Narco socialist state. So on April 10th, 2019 I can only hope that the people of Belize can realize when it comes to The Belize Guatemala controversy … We cannot trust neither the formulators of the Special agreement, not the signatories of this Document.

Not only did they both Breach our constitution, but they gave us these special agreements as a double-sided sword as our defence; a sword that has cut down all our established defences by putting into question our defended and established borders by which our Independence was granted.

The best hedge against corruptions, crime, treason and our territorial risk; is a vote of none confidence to both the UDP and the PUP for the treasonous act of renegotiating our territories, formulating a special agreement for those territories and signing on to these risky agreements without any consultation with the people who they represent.

To have Belize stand in the Future always from a point of strength; we must now do away with both corrupt parties and usher in a new governing party, to chart a new path and renegotiate with Guatemala with assertive diplomacy and brotherly ties with the rest of Latin America.