Leadership in Turmoil

There is a clear distinction between Politicians and Leaders.

Belize has sadly only had politicians in elected office. It is sad because in times of turmoil, people look to leaders to lead. All too often in Belize, these times are when Politicians run and hide; either they hide important truths from the people, or they hide themselves behind their arrogance, ignorance and greed. Leading in such times as these is not for the faint of heart. It takes a leader to keep it together when the going gets tough.

Belizeans have a very difficult task ahead. Our people must finally recognize the politicians, their lies and the detrimental risk we take as a country, if we entrust them with our future. They must also recognize the true servant leaders our Country really needs to move safely into a prosperous future.

True servant leaders must find a way to come together, to think politically and strategically: one, for dealing with people who stand with us on the issues facing our Nation; two, for managing those who oppose us; three, for working on finding common ground to inspire those who are uncommitted and uninterested but are conscious of the issues. Lastly, we must find a way to respectfully communicate to our security forces and return the integrity that this Government has robbed them of.

Good intentions is no longer enough!

Our Security forces should avoid controversies and play its due role for the country’s security and territorial integrity. Politicians can always be replaced, but there is no replacement for the armed forces; we must try to return their respect and integrity so that our people can continue to trust in them.

At this time in the Jewel, there are many individual leaders, third parties and activist interested in the well being of our people and the security of our territory. They all mean well and carry our people in their hearts. Still, that is not enough. None of us can do it alone; we must stop thinking that the people who should be our comrades, may want to undermine the success of this vision or delay its progress. We all have one core purpose and we must join hands.

It is impossible to lead alone, especially in times of turmoil.  Belize has formidable leaders out there with passion and strong purpose and incentives inside each of them, pushing them to be in the front line alone. Being alone is a brave, though very bad idea. In unity we would provide protection, create alliances to strengthen our goals. In partnership we would no longer rely on just logical power and inner strength, we would build political power as well.

No Man is an Island

I understand that finding the right partnerships is not an easy task…but as difficult as it is, gaining political power and changing the course of a country is impossible to do alone.  I’m under no illusion, I know this journey is a tough one, I know that being the lightning rod is no easy task and that the people who oppose us will attack all vulnerabilities we display. They have been attacking our very humanity. We however have one strong common ground to build on and that is the desire to leave behind permanent improvements in our State and prosperity and justice for our people and this will only be achieved through unity in times of turmoil!

We will not be able to create sustained revolutionary change without a revolution and a revolution can only be led by true revolutionary leaders united in true brotherhood.

This united brotherhood is the only resistance against corrupt tyrants that now hold the reigns of our one-time paradise. This brotherhood of revolutionary leaders can provide support, intelligence and enable us to better monitor what is truly happening behind closed doors and in the pocket of politicians.  Creating such change requires each of us to move beyond our own cohort, beyond our own groups to create allies in every corner of the Country and in the diaspora.


Revolutionary Leaders are in urgent need and in very short supply.

These leaders must be able to create a holding environment to contain the heat that will surly be generated by addressing the various difficult issues facing our people. This holding environment cannot be a physical one. It must be an ideal, a spiritual power that enable these leaders to channel the passions and creative ideas of strong headed passionate leaders, into workable solutions for Belize. These leaders must also be able to communicate to all our security forces and find ways to engage them fully into their duty to the people and not the politicians. These Leaders must be charismatic, honest, brave and must be welcomed in all circles.

Our People have forgotten that they have a moral and constitutional Right to resist injustices and tyranny.  A justified, organized resistance can function to ensure the ultimate enforcement of democracy. Where the Political system and judicial systems have become one and differs drastically and systematically from the will of the Nation (the people). The level of abuse of power in our country leaves us with no alternative path than resistance; the normal channels of the voices of our people not being heard and are un effective. The level of crime, political corruption and injustice, have become truly intolerable, without conventional legal remedy.  Belize’s Leadership is in Turmoil and in desperate need of revolutionary resistance. This type of resistance is different from civil disobedience. Civil disobedience is nonviolent protest designed to affect public policies. In contrast, the revolution we need in this time of turmoil must have as its aim not merely the replacement of policies with more desirable ones but the wholesale restructuring of an entire regime. The corrupt leaders who have abused their power and disgraced our Nation must be removed one way or the other; and Leaders who will take up this challenge need to stop mincing words. The Countries Leadership is in Turmoil and we must find a way constitutionally to remove the tyrants!