Belize Politics

A New Era in Belize Politics

Politicians in Belize are focus on winning elections at all cost; they attempt to increase voter turnout by fast tracking citizenship for central American Immigrants and by paying citizens both to register and to vote. But in doing so, they’re missing something important: the broken two-party system; and the pyramid economy that they have built with a weak foundation, which is crumbling before our eyes. How, then, when it comes to general elections, can they expect the young Belizean voter to be enthusiastic with PUDP choices they are being served — The young Belizean voter knows that we have no meaningful choice at all.

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Mandatory Voting

There is a lot of talk, a lot of complaints about our leadership and how we are governed.  I have tried to study this… phenomena…

Nation Building

We have been hearing the promise of Nation Building since colonial days. It’s high time we understand what we bought into and how we can buy out… Before we talk about Nation building lets define the difference between a Nation and a state, as it is written in the books. A state is a sovereign political unit which has tangible boundaries, abides by International Law and is recognized as a “state” by the international community.

Leadership vs Followership

In all This talk about Political Leadership… the question must be asked. What is leadership? Does Belize have leaders? The Biggest confusion in the conversation of leadership is the bifurcation of the profession into social agents of change and self-serving political Bigots.