What Happens When a Woman Makes the Call

What Happens When A Woman Makes the call. 

Women all over Belize are hearing a call to action. They hear the roars of a Woman in their hearts, the roar of upraising; and Men are starting to stand with these Women.

There is a New Belize in the horizon and let’s face it, this will come because Women will step forward and many extraordinary Men will champion their cause.

The decision to lead, to claim their space, to TAKE a space on the table, is being made by ordinary Belizean women; fully equipped with more powerful energy, Passion for our people, vision, empathy, patriotism and education in various fields.  Across the Country Men and Women are meeting, they are talking… They are planning and organizing to take back our Country. This is no “each man for himself” or “Dog eat Dog” but rather a strong chain, a team of warriors, Men and women, preparing, training, empowering each other, organizing themselves into a fusion of visionaries, they are embracing the power of the feminine spirit and holding hands as we move towards the horizon of this New Belize.

Breaking the chains 

The mission and vision of these grassroot Leaders is without a question, to save our Nation from the present tyrants posing as our leaders.   Having given these men, the opportunity to lead for centuries, women are now poised to take back the reins and gently guide us back on track. For too many years we have allowed unscrupulous men to lead our country into chaos and disaster— the power base is shifting; it is shifting in favour of women and those who support them. And we have just begun to collaborate…” Imagine the possibilities”???  You better Stop imagining now and wake up!

The work of women Leaders has just begun. There is still much to do to crush tyranny, inequality, injustice and crime. women make up the majority of the world’s poor, so we must care about decisions that impact women and girls, those living in poverty, battling violence against women, suffering under lower wages, gender bias, sexual discrimination and human trafficking. We put faces to the long huge number on your statistical reports…

The challenge that still exist for women, is not romantic, it’s not easy and though we have been underrepresented in every department in Government. We have been excluded from decision making, we do not intend to work exclusively for women; A leader must also care for our children, our men and our environment. Women Leaders are creating solutions for diverse issues that affect all our people; a New Belize without unpunished violence, A Belize with better more complete education, sustainable farming, fewer but cleaner and more effective prisons and improved health Care facilities.

Justice for our Nation

A New Belize where Corruption, tyranny, treason, Kleptocracy will all be punished to the full extent of the law. Where Rapists and child abusers will not be fined or sent to prison for a short time. They will serve their sentence doing community service and will be registered as sex offenders for all their lives. A Belize where murders will be sentenced to death and nothing less!

Under a new Government lead by a majority Women, Tourism will be rescued because people will feel safe again and our citizens will be safe in their homes or on the street once more. In the New Belize Foreign investors will not be able to compete with our people because if they want to do business here they must partner with a Belizean. Our farmers must also feel secure in their labour and no importation license will be granted for anything we are producing. Such would be a Government Lead by Us.

Women Leaders are here to stay. We are emotional, we are smart, we are strategic visionary minds. We sing and dance and protest and shout and we cry. We build teams and companies with value and purpose. We inspire armies` We are marching with our people now. We Know their struggles and we share their dreams. We are Miracle makers! We are the leaders of a New Belize.


A New road map

Belizeans have two paths to take; on one Road, there is the PUDP and the other Path there is a New Political Party. We already witnessed the struggles with the PUDP. We know the joblessness, we have lost our sons and daughter due to crimes they created and cannot control. We have lived in terror under this corruption network. Our Children’s future is insecure. Our International diplomatic position has been compromised.

Albert Einstein is believed to have said that “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

Belizeans I believe have learnt this to be true. We have wrongly placed our confidence in the corrupt men of the PUP and then the UDP. They have infused over time through the very same deeds one after the next and are now functioning as one Political network. So it is time for a New party , one of Warriors, patriots that are willing to make the harsh decisions , one that will finally put our people first and put these National rapists who have taken turns at Belize, to prison!

It is Time to break away from this corruption Network and put the confidence in a Party that will give equal participation to Belizean Women !