The Nancy Marin Youth Foundation (NMYF)

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Our Mission:

Today’s youth need real opportunities to participate in political processes and contribute to practical community-based solutions that advance development and fosters strong leadership abilities.

At NMYF we seek to give youth an opportunity to organize, voice their opinions, and play a meaningful role in political and economic decision making. Our young people have demonstrated their resilience, their willingness and ability to contribute to positive, lasting change. They will become more likely to demand and defend democracy and gain a greater sense of belonging in their community.

NMYF will support young people in channeling their energy, creativity, and aspirations to become political leaders and activists. Together we must continue to seek out international programs to build young people’s skills, knowledge, and confidence while helping them to more effectively express their voices, sharpen their entrepreneurial abilities, organize electoral political debates, build relationships with political leaders, and break down socio-cultural and institutional barriers to youth and women participation.