Victim Support Unit

Our vision

A Country where victims and witnesses are given the support, respect and courage to stand up for Justice in our society so that our people can live in freedom and security.

Our values

We are Compassionate

We will work tirelessly to empower victims and witnesses to recover after crime and to take control of their lives.

We are Resolute

We will be Uncompromising in our desire to champion the cause of justice for our victims and witnesses.

We are Accessible

Working inclusively with victims, witnesses and their communities regardless of race, Political, religious or sexual preference .

We are Effective

We will Deliver results through responsible and professional  services, providing the best we have to offer.

Our mission

  • To realize our vision, we will:
  • Provide food for our victims.
  • Provide safe homes for our victims & witnesses.
  • Provide alternative and talk therapy when possible.
  • Champion the cause of justice for our victims and witnesses.
  • Organize awareness programs and our-reaches to our communities.
  • Be first-responders in Partnership with our police and security forces.
  • Provide a H-4-E-3-L-5-P-7 ( 4357) hot line so that victims and At-Risk youth can reach us.
  • Provide victims and witnesses with high-quality practical, emotional and spiritual support.