Belize Needs You

In Belize today, the role of youth is of Urgent importance. Older generations of our communities comprise of members of the discredited, divided and totally corrupt regimes that has governed us since self-governance.

We have been governed by the corrupt PUP and UDP for so long that Our idealistic young people Have become indifferent or cynical in their reaction and tolerance to politics. Corrupt leaders have never tried to educate our youth in politics and governance; our constitution is still not thoughts in schools; this is because the more indifferent our You young people become, it reduces popular pressure for better governance.

Our collective future depends heavily on Your willingness to put party politics aside, to put down the red and the blue flags and join together in brotherhood as one Belizean Family and say no to the oppressors, to the tyrants, no to those that want us to put our Land, our businesses, our home , our future and our country at Risk.

Nation Building is never easy.

It won’t be easy, the task of rebuilding a Nation has never been easy; but it is necessary, and it is still doable.

My team and I and other activist around the country have stood up for You. We saw corruption and we exposed it! We saw oppression and we are fighting to end it. We see Violence, poverty. Discrimination, inequality, Injustices and we March against it.

We stand, and we fight because we can not allow Belize to continue in the path of destruction.

We have not been successful because there is a missing piece in this struggle to take back our Country.

That missing piece is the heart and soul of our Nation. That missing piece is the youth of Belize. We can not Realize these changes alone we need you!

The responsibility will soon fall on your shoulders; you, between the ages of 16 to 35, you make up more than half of our population .

You have the POWER of change.

You have the incredible, powerful ability to share information around the country in seconds, right from your cell phones or computer or other gadgets… You have the intelligence, the energy and the wit to raise your voices, to mobilize your peers and your families.

You must put down the things that have been hurting you, put down the political flags, put down the guns, put down that chip some of you carry on your shoulders. Do something to help others, move up, encourage, complement each other. Do not allow politics to divide us as a people any more.

Brotherhood in Belize and Across the border

In Brotherhood we must also remember that the Guatemalan people are not the enemy.

Belize is home to thousands of Guatemalans who left their country seeking a better life for their families, just the same as Belizeans migrated to the US back in the 70’s & 80’s

Many Belizeans trace their roots across the boarder to Guatemala.

Belize and Guatemala do not just share a Boarder, (a very REAL & PHYSICAL border ) ; Our people share the same values, culture, food, aspirations, the same family lines. We are a people who appreciate hard work and education. They too have helped us to build our nation .

Belizeans students seek higher education in Guatemala and Guatemalan students seek primary and secondary education in Belize.


Putting our collective future in the hands of a Court to allow people with cold legal hearts and minds, people who have not shared our history together, People who have not journeyed and struggled with our people; People who have not cried with the mothers who have lost their sons on the border lines. These people cannot pass judgement and divide our nations.

We are actually being asked to put the future of our Country , our territorial integrity and lives of our people in the hands of politicians , lawyers , judges, who have  Nothing to lose. We must not give up on Diplomatic efforts, we must not go to court against friends and family across the border. But we must do things differently. We must not put our trust on the people who have failed us. We must insist on amicable but assertive diplomatic solutions. We must Remove those those who have failed us, those who have lied and those who made secret agreements detrimental to our people and Country.

We need to replace the tyrants and traitors with a new team who will negotiate with strength, with assertive diplomacy and no weak appeasing diplomatic efforts.

Keep Belize Safe

To keep our countries safe, our people strong and our borders secure, we will need the passion, the energy, the creativity and talents of everyone of you. Raise your voices and stand up for Belize!