When Women are Not Involved

To become successful in Politics; we must understand what politics is, we must understand how it affects our daily lives and be able to educate our voters on these issues.

Politics is not magic, it’s a science of service.  Politics is about reading the emotional and physical needs of the majority of voters in your constituency and giving them satisfying solutions to those needs.

We have talked about the disadvantages of being a woman wanting to enter the political arena. Now its time to stop feeling sorry for ourselves; It’s time to Claim Our Space! Let’s stop knocking on doors, asking for permission to enter… We are no longer Women wanting to enter this Arena. We are Women LEADERS and we must Knock down the doors! Stop worrying about the road blocks they built… Jump over them! Stop worrying about the rough seas, the big waves… Rock the boat and ride the waves. As challenging as being in Politics is, the repercussions of not getting involved is irreparable!


Women, it’s an extraordinary time to be involved in Politics. It’s exciting to feel the tides changing. It’s gratifying to witness the awakening of our People. Belize is in Political Chaos, and it has all happened under our watch and in the hands of greedy, self-righteous men.

Our People, Our Children are now seeking answers to all the mismanagement of our resources, to all the senseless crimes on our streets, the insecurity of their future with no jobs and the difficulties to acquire land. Day by Day it grows worst; Yet as mothers we comfort our children saying,” It will get better”

As mothers, as wives, as daughter as women we know all too well that things will only get worst before they get better. A boil must come to a head before all the poison is released. Belize needs to heal as a Nation and deep inside the hearts of mothers we Know that the poisons of greed, hate, selfishness and corruption must be released before healing can take place and we know that only Mothers, only women have the natural nurturing quality to Heal our Nation. Women are often the ones who clean up the mess when silly feasts are done. Their feast… is just about over.

We Must start Now! We must be immune to the disease of corruption, we must remain completely away for it or we too will contract it and be of no help to Belize.


Women Hold unlimited potential, we can attain whatever we demand.

Our Governments have passed laws that affect us without consulting us. Laws that affect our children’s health and their education are being passed and we have had no input. When women are deprived from the responsibility of decision making in Our Country, then Our Country is not functioning to it’s full potential!

Our Country is hurting not because we have been pushed out of politics. Our Country is hurting because we have ALLOWED ourselves to be pushed out and we have shut up about it.

My sisters, Things don’t happen because we want it to happen… things happen, because we Make them happen.

I have seen women in a lot of important roles, heads of organization, activist “fighting the GOOD fight” But… we are fighting the WRONG fight. The best defense is when we do not need to attack. We stay ahead of the Game.



I think I have been an activist since I was in the womb… In my adult life I have organized and lead protests, all that was useless! It helped no one. When faced with arrogant leadership, peaceful protests are a joke. Our strategy must now be intelligent, must be strong and forward, it must be unexpected, innocent… our strategy must be womanly!

With that said, let’s plan… If you belong to an organization (political or otherwise) and there is room for another person… find a qualified woman and help her to get that position. If you are a business owner, employ a woman.  If you see a woman on the street looking distressed, crying or looking lost… ask how you can help. Now, for the big one; If there is a woman running for office in your area Vote for her. Volunteer to walk on the campaign trails with her after work. Put up her signs with no fear. Don’t think about what party she belongs to… that does not matter anymore because party politics is the cause of the chaos! The corruption entrenched in Party politics is what has caused the division of our people, it has kept women out, it is depriving our children of the health care, education and jobs they deserve. Women must move away from Party Politics and we must do it honestly and do it now!

The most positive contribution we can make to our children’s Future is turning our backs on party politics and Getting involved today! We must clarify our values and beliefs, we must use our voices and be unafraid to rewrite the rules of politics and set new parameters in this nation.

We are awake! Let’s not forget what Rumi said:

“The Morning breeze has secrets to tell you. DO NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP!”