Why Women?

In my journey of Sociopolitical Activism I have learned many lessons.  Above all I have witnessed the talent, commitment and resilience of Our People. We have experience at all Levels of Management, in all Industries… allowing us the capacity to govern and Govern Well!

I found one important missing Piece to the political puzzle of Belize; and that is the political will to encourage and empower our Women to take an active Role in Political Life, and through that work, improve the quality of life for all Belizeans.

Women are massively underrepresented in Belize. This Fact keeps me awake at night and it should keep our population focused on ONE IMPORTANT goal, and that is to bring more women into the political process.



Women are trying to run for public office, but not enough to break the male dominance, to fight the hideous and unscrupulous attacks by our male opposition. Women are almost absent from the political arena, yet they are the voices, the very essence Belize needs to chart a new path in political ideologies, in policies that will protect our Human and economic resources. They are who Developing countries (like Belize) needs; to offer the prospective of Mothers, caretakers, bread earners, civil servants and community activist.

As Women we envision a future where we meet the urgent Socioeconomic and environmental challenges we face through workable solutions and create in the process a more secure economy and just society for all our Children. Where our democratic system, empowers people to build safer and healthier homes and communities. Where we play a positive role of Servant Leadership inside our Borders and assertive diplomacy in international co-operation to ensure the resources of our Nation is used to better the lives of our people and not given to foreign domination, this assertive diplomacy will also serve us in securing our territorial integrity.



Securing our economic future is of utmost importance to women, to Mothers. In these challenging times, Belize needs new thinking and new economic models. Women believe in using quality of life indicators rather than growth in consumption levels as our measures of progress and Economic stability. Mothers Believe that the Economy is not stable until our Children are well Fed and Healthy! The strength, therefore of our economy should be determined by the standard of living of the Belizean people and not by how much tax our Government collects or how much we are allowed to borrow.

Mothers believe wholeheartedly in securing our Homes and communities. From raising our children and managing a home, women understand that it is better to invest more in health/ nutrition and education first. Such foresight influences how you develop a healthy Home (system). From years of practice of listening to both sides of the story and issuing just punishment without being influenced by the sweet talkers and puppy dog eyes…we have learned how you arrange a judicial system to be independent from (political) manipulation and how you plan for the future. We prioritize investment in education and the early years parenting of young children, not just because such an approach makes financial sense but because Our Biblical principle help us to value the riches in life that don’t necessarily have to bring an immediate economic return; but is certainly guaranteeing us a sustainable economic future. Part of that richness comes from strong family Values, education and community participation.



Belize is a Young Nation with abundant natural resources and a conveniently small population. The Natural wealth of this great Nation, if properly and honestly managed can enhance our economic development so much so that we can secure a decent dignified Life for all our people; as long as we develop the political will to make it happen.  This secure environment is threatened unless we change how we use those resources, especially our Human resources.  Belize is well placed to make this vision a reality. We have perfect climate and rich soil for Agriculture. Our Geopolitical positioning in Central America, could provide abundant opportunities if we had the political will and Intelligence. We have enough land to provide food and water for ourselves, with a large surplus… If we can get our political systems right. There is nothing to stop us from using Information Technology creatively to help manage both our environment and economy in an intelligent, sustainable way. For us to carry Belize to its full potential we need to engage our Women.  We have felt the birthing pain of our Nation.  We have feed and educated our children, taken care of our elderly. We have planned the future of our families.  We have set you men where you are, now we must demand respect and honor for this lifelong labor. We must CLAIM OUR SPACE NOW; because until Belize has more women in national decision-making positions, we are denying our Country the opportunity to reach our greatest Potential!